ALP has been helping companies solve oil production and artificial lift problems since 2004

The company

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Artificial Lift Performance (ALP) is a consulting and software company that exists to maximize your production, optimize wells and artificial lift equipment. Through our staff training, we also help ensure that you have a well-trained staff who make the best possible contribution to your business.

For this reason, our logo subtly incorporates an oil droplet, which symbolizes the hidden oil you’re currently missing and that we’ll help you to produce.

Meet the the founder, Sandy Williams

The company was founded by Sandy Williams, an international consultant and trainer who has spent more than 30 years in the oil business working for organizations such as Amoco, Phoenix and Schlumberger and in markets across Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

“The work you have done for us has been highly valuable. You took a group of young engineers and gave them very real practical training (and they enjoyed it) which has helped focus us on identifying lost production. Our engineers are now starting to identify lost production and we have made real production gains based on your suggestions, we tripled the oil production on one well alone. The work you did on preparation of our AL equipment contracting strategy was particularly innovative and will help align the objectives of our suppliers with our goal of maximized production and minimum downtime. Thanks.”

– Raphael Rozo, Petrominerales Columbia Ltd

Our team

Head of Engineering

Andy Teasdale heads software engineering at ALP.  He has over 30+ years experience leading software teams to deliver scalable, enterprise class solutions for a number of ISVs and blue chip corporations, across multiple industry sectors.


Product Manager

Andy has over 20 years of experience working on digital products across a variety of sectors from start-ups to banking and local government.


Production Optimization Engineer

James has 6 years of industry experience across production and drilling operations. He was introduced to Artificial Lift Performance as an Engineer for an independent E&P company starting to grow and optimize ESP operations in the Bakken.

Artificial Lift Performance Andy Brown

Product Consultant

Andy Brown is a Digital Oilfield expert, working with large oil companies to small independents, bringing the financial benefits of the Digital Oilfield to the bottom line.

Alex Ward AlPerform

Technical Architect

Alex Ward is the Technical Architect responsible for enhancing and future-proofing the ALP platform.

Swapna Bollampally ALP

Swapna has 15 years of quality assurance and testing experience in IT industry across various domains.


Senior Software Engineer

Peter Thurston is a Software Engineer with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. In his 40 years in the industry, Peter has ‘been around the block’

Artificial Lift Performance diego mendez

Software Engineer

Diego Mendez is a software engineer with Artificial Lift Performance. His experience covers designing, developing, implementing and testing software.


Junior Software Engineer

John Grossi is a Software Engineer with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science. His experience from university and internships has prepared him in many aspects from database management to software development.


Junior Software Engineer

Samuel Shum is a Software Engineer with BSc(Hons) in Chemistry. He then went on to graduate from CodeClan…


Support Engineer

Daniel Gordon is a Systems Administrator with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Systems and Networks. Since graduating he has gone on to provide technical expertise to several industry leaders in the Legal, Engineering, and Software Development fields.


How much production could you gain?

The technology exists to identify gas-lift and ESP produced wells that are losing production as a result of an undiagnosed artificial lift problem. The ability to diagnose and rectify such issues can alleviate lost production. How much could you be saving?