Senior Software Engineer

Originally from Malaysia, June fell in love with Edinburgh the moment she exited Waverley Station back in 2004, when she first came to do her MSc Informatics (major in AI). Upon completing her MSc, she’s landed on her first permanent job in the medical imaging visualization area (after peeling 30kg of onions every day for…

Support Analyst

Kate Smith is a Support Analyst with a BSc in Computer Science. She has experience in working in applications support roles for both Oil & Gas services organizations and operators within the industry. Away from work, Kate enjoys family camping trips, playing tennis and time spent cheering on her four young children in all their…

Production Optimization Engineer

Tom has more than 7 years of petroleum engineering experience working for both operators and consulting organisations within the Oil & Gas Industry. During this time, Tom has experienced implementing digital oilfield solutions for a number of assets across the globe, focused on surveillance, virtual metering and production optimisation.   Outside of work, Tom is…

Support Engineer

Daniel Gordon is a Systems Administrator with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Systems and Networks. Since graduating he has gone on to provide technical expertise to several industry leaders in the Legal, Engineering, and Software Development fields.

Junior Software Engineer

Samuel Shum is a Software Engineer with BSc(Hons) in Chemistry. He then went on to graduate from CodeClan…

Junior Software Engineer

John Grossi is a Software Engineer with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science. His experience from university and internships has prepared him in many aspects from database management to software development.

Artificial Lift Performance diego mendez

Software Engineer

Diego Mendez is a software engineer with Artificial Lift Performance. His experience covers designing, developing, implementing and testing software.

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Thurston is a Software Engineer with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. In his 40 years in the industry, Peter has ‘been around the block’

Artificial Lift Performance Andy Brown

Product Consultant

Andy Brown is a Digital Oilfield expert, working with large oil companies to small independents, bringing the financial benefits of the Digital Oilfield to the bottom line.

Production Optimization Engineer

James has 6 years of industry experience across production and drilling operations. He was introduced to Artificial Lift Performance as an Engineer for an independent E&P company starting to grow and optimize ESP operations in the Bakken.