How much could ALP analytics enhance your output?

Use ALP software and increase your production by 30-100% on individual wells and 4-8% across your field.

How can your well be managed more effectively with fewer experienced engineers?

When it comes to using analytics for optimizing the production of oil wells, the tools exist, the computing power exists, and real-time data from SCADA systems have existed for decades. However, the challenge our industry faces is that we don’t always have the correct data that is required to optimize wells, or that we’re not using automation appropriately to do what it is good at.

With a 26-year continuous history of working in artificial lift, ALP has bundled everything it has learned into the only truly manufacturer-independent software package, that will transform the way your production engineering is carried out for good.

Having worked with clients all from California to Colombia and from Aberdeen to Oman, we have learned that most operators have enough production engineering resources, it’s about allowing them to work smarter and make better decisions.

Bain and Company have reported that analytics can help oil and gas companies improve production by 6% to 8%, which is what operators typically gain when they implement our artificial lift optimization software.

Big Data Analytics in Oil and Gas – Converting the Promise into Value by Vishy Padmanabhan, Bain and Company

What’s the cost of not optimizing your systems?

A survey revealed that companies with better analytics capabilities were twice as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance in their industry, five times more likely to make decisions faster than their peers, and three times more likely to execute decisions as planned.

Many times, money is spent on a very expensive ‘real-time’ system that doesn’t enable full analytics as the parameter set is incomplete. The biggest challenge that our industry faces, in terms of using analytics appropriately, is a failure to collect all of the data we need in a synchronous manner. It’s an easy fix, if and when automation, production and IT combine to ensure that a complete data set exists for true production optimization using analytic tools.

Whether you’re struggling with excessive downtime, short runlives, non-optimized production, or you don’t know your statistics around these events; we can help you.

How much production could you gain?

The technology exists to identify gas-lift and ESP produced wells that are losing production as a result of an undiagnosed artificial lift problem. The ability to diagnose and rectify such issues can alleviate lost production. How much could you be saving?