Getting started is simple. Your first decision is where you want ALP Pump Checker® hosted – on your servers or in the cloud. We can accommodate either possibility. Deployment of our software typically takes no more than a couple of hours.

Then we start the process to integrate the data into your other systems. Usually, we have you push your data to our import tables, that way you maintain security and integrity of your data – and let’s face it who knows your data better than you.

ALP Getting Started with Pump Checker

Obviously, the more wells you have, the longer it takes, but most operators can be up and running and fully functional within a matter of weeks provided you have good systems in place.

With more people working remotely, clients that use our cloud-based solution, have had a great experience of being able to see their wells working from home.

Pump Checker onboarding

Pump Checker deployments can be onsite or performed remotely and involves:

  • Software: deploy cloud instance, users, data connections, etc.
  • Data provisioning: import ESP and gas lift wells, review and configure auto-population of well test, completion and real-time data
  • Training: Pump Checker onboarding, user training, ESP and gas lift optimization
  • Coaching and evaluation: coaching and mentoring, evaluation, and recommendations learnings (case studies) as required
  • Project review(s): as scheduled, and when required

Cloud and security

Fully managed cloud-based software

Pump Checker can be fully managed as a cloud-based solution, enabling users to drive the productivity of the entire team by allowing collaboration anytime, anywhere.

When hosted on the cloud, ALP will configure the databases and applications to allow Pump Checker to run and be accessed via a web browser, giving you instant access to real-time data.

We work alongside you in the background with automatic software updates, saving you time and ultimately resulting in a positive impact on your bottom line. Your solutions are secure and flexible, which lets machine learning take place, improving your analytics and enabling you to make effective decisions.

The cloud solution comes with the added advantage of access to a mobile solution, without the need to set up your mobile infrastructure.

Cloud environments

Pump Checker can be hosted on platforms such as the “Google cloud” or “Microsoft Azure” these platforms have built-in data security and global reach. The cloud security details can be accessed via these links: and

ALP cloud environments

*Local server installation also available