$1.35 million potential increase in daily production identified

Combination of gaslift and ESPs in the North sea creates significant gains.


Our client had taken over a number of assets in the North Sea and wanted to increase production. The wells in the fields were all still on natural flow. They needed to define the benefit of introducing artificial lift.

What we did

All the wells were modeled, using prosper, to define the capability of the existing wells. The benefit of implementing gaslift vs ESPs on the wells was then predicted and compared.

A combination of poorboy gaslift and ESPs was recommended because of limited gas availability and electrical power limitations. We identified total production gains of 22,500 bopd.


Increased production potential of 22,500 bopd.

Cost benefit analysis

  • Spend – $12,000
  • Value – $1.35 million additional dollars per day (based on $60/barrel oil)