Proper Lift Method Enhances Production

Petrominerales Colombia Ltd

Petrominerales Colombia Ltd (PCL) had invested in the reactivation of the Orito field in Colombia. They needed to ensure that they receive maximum production for every dollar of investment. The Orito field had almost every artificial lift method, so the challenge for PCL was, what is the correct lift method for each well?


Selecting the correct lift method for the field is a challenge – particularly if the correct equipment is not available. This field and the flowrate ranges and depths means that PCPs, ESPs, rod pumps and gaslift could all be applicable for the range of well conditions – so how do you choose?

What we did

We did a review of well performance, rate, drawdown and ability to produce the well using the existing lift method. We identified that gaslift was resulting in lost production on the lower rate wells, due to compressor downtime and the inability of gaslift to create maximum production. A trial of long stroke rod pumps was proposed as a replacement for gaslift on low rate wells.


The trial of long stroke rod (rotaflex) pumps was successful and rod pumps are now used in preference to gaslift. The operator has now accepted that this is the appropriate lift method for these wells.

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A paper on this information was presented at the 2007 SPE Annual Technical Conference, the paper and presentation can be downloaded.