Software Analysis of ESP Well Doubles Production

An operator had a well that had been running for three years. But, was it optimized?


If an ESP is running and producing, we are happy and we’ll run it until it dies. In such scenarios we can be losing many barrels of production.

What we did

As part of a training program, we analyzed multiple wells in a field using software to identify undiagnosed problems, resulting in production loss. The biggest opportunity arose in a well that had been producing for 3 years.

The installed ESP had an operating range of 1250-2700 bbls, at the operating frequency. The well was producing 2553 bfpd, so everybody was happy. An analysis of the operating data was performed, which showed that the drawdown caused by the ESP, was half of what it should be.

The well was identified as a prime candidate for an ESP upsizing. A workover was performed and production was increased to 5503 bfpd, a water cut of 83% was maintained, as shown in the plot of production before and after.

It’s a shame the incremental production was not achieved sooner.


Production was increased from 434 to 935 barrels of oil per day, an increase of 500 barrels of oil per day.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Spend = $30,000
  • Value = $50,150 additional dollars per days (based on $100/barrel oil).