Team Training Almost Doubles Production

Hupecol Operating Company LLC

Hupecol Operating Company LLC were operators of several small fields in Colombia, with 10 wells being produced using ESPs.


Hupecol had a young, enthusiastic, intelligent staff but with little artificial lift experience. They had 10 wells with ESPS installed, but was production being lost?

What we did

A training program was prepared for the team, whereby the team were taught ESP diagnosis techniques to compare theoretical ESP performance to actual performance. Each of the team was then assigned two wells and mentored through the process of analyzing the wells to come up with a list of recommendations for the wells. These recommendations were then implemented and included:

  • Identification of worn equipment and subsequent change out
  • Up sizing to bigger ESPs more closely matched to well inflow
  • Frequency increases on existing systems
  • Improved protection using alarms and trips based on actual operating conditions


Production was increased from 2183 to 4180 barrels of oil per day, an increase of 1997 barrels of oil, almost doubling production of the 10 wells.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Spend = $4613.40
  • Value = $119,820 additional dollars per days (based on $60/barrel oil). One hour of the additional production paid for the training.

Whenever we want to increase production, or troubleshoot our wells, we always call Artificial Lift Performance. – Tony Stuart, Hupecol

Artificial Lift Performance Team Training