More oil. Lower cost per barrel. Fewer failures.

Analytic advantages could help oil and gas companies improve production by 6% to 8%.* This matches what our customers typically gain when they implement our software. Using analytics, we analyze and diagnose the artificial lift performance for every production test automatically and identify when the lift system has a problem, resulting in lower production.

* Big Data Analytics in Oil and Gas – Converting the promise into value by Vishy Padmanabhan, Bain and Company

Health check

This is a thorough assessment of your people, systems and processes, leading to a summary of your opportunities and a list of recommendations covering areas such as lift selection; system design; equipment specification, installation and commissioning; monitoring, diagnosis and failure analysis.

We’ll advise you on what will get the best job done, most quickly and cost-effectively.

In a few days we’ll help you figure out if and where you’re spending too much money, what is driving your costs, how to increase your production, where your systems can be improved and what training your staff may need.

It’s invaluable in planning your way ahead – and that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Artificial Lift Performance Health check

What we do

  • Assess your people, systems, and processes
  • Summarize opportunities
  • Make recommendations
  • List actions

What you get

  • Independent view of strengths and weakness
  • See how to increase production
  • Know where systems can be improved
  • Discover what training staff need
  • Understand what’s driving costs – and cost/benefit of change


When you need troubleshooters to solve your problems quickly and with confidence, we offer instant access to a team with unrivaled insight, based on experience of many projects worldwide. We identify the root cause(s) of your issues, then we implement solutions tailored to your specific circumstances (we’re not here to push any product and aren’t linked to any manufacturer or supplier). It means you won’t have to deal with the same difficulties again and again, with recurring expense, lost time and production.

Artificial Lift Performance Consultancy

What we do

  • Troubleshooters
  • Unrivaled expertise and global experience
  • Identify causes of your difficulties and find solutions

What you get

  • Your problem solved – for good
  • People, processes and systems realigned
  • Impartial advice
  • Optimal oil production


Would you like a custom designed workshop for your staff to identify individual solutions for your specific well and artificial lift problems?

Our training addresses the specific issues you face, meets the personal and professional needs of your staff and works across disciplines. It’s specialized, practical, easily applied and based on extensive experience. People retain 90% of what they learn when they either teach someone else or use the information immediately. Retention stands at 75% when they practice what they’ve learned and 50% when they take part in a group discussion. At the other end of the scale, you remember just 5% of what you’ve been told in a lecture, 10% of what you learn by reading, 20% of an audio-visual and 30% of what’s taught in a demonstration.

Artificial Lift Performance Training

What we do

  • Practical training specifically for your people
  • Less talk more testing = better retention

What you get

  • People with the skill you need
  • Creative ideas for your business
  • Sustainable results
Artificial Lift Performance Team Training

Competency Development

Training isn’t a one-off event. Technology changes, problems mutate, and your staff move on – one industry study suggests that as many as 40% of your staff are likely to retire within ten years, taking their experience and knowledge with them. You need to develop your existing and future talent regularly if your business is going to succeed and keep on succeeding. Our competency development offering combines training and mentoring to nurture a team with sustainable expertise in artificial lift and optimizing production. We focus on people, processes and tools to ensure that knowledge and experience aren’t restricted to a few senior figures. It’s about helping everyone to keep learning and sharing their knowledge and insights to benefit your business.

Artificial Lift Performance Competency Development

What We Do

  • Develop existing and future talent
  • Combine training and mentoring
  • Focus on people, processes, and tools

What You Get

  • Future-proofed human resources
  • A team with sustainable expertise
  • People who keep learning and share experience