Your artificial lift problems can be solved.

Whether you’re struggling with excessive downtime, short run-lives, non-optimized production or you don’t know your statistics around these events, we can help you.

Increase your production by 30-100% on individual wells and 4-8% across your field(s)

Use ALP software to help identify your opportunities, recognize your problems, and optimize your production.

If analytics can help improve performance in sports, or even diagnose when an elevator needs maintenance, all based on real-time data, how can analytics be used to improve the ability to produce oil wells using artificial lift?


How can ALP help you increase oil production from your wells?

This 1-minute video offers an overview of how you can increase production by 30-100% on your wells.

“ALP’s Pump Checker is a dream. It consolidates everything a production operations team needs to do their job effectively; real-time live trending of data, production well tests, operating setpoints, historical alarms and downtime, troubleshooting diagnostics, where you’re operating on your pump curve and IPR curve, highlights optimization opportunities, provides places to enter well notes to track well history and request tasks from the field, and helps track pump installation and perform detailed root cause failure analysis. It not only adds ease and convenience to my job, but also provides the tools for us to operate our artificial lift program proactively and with excellence instead of being reactionary.”
– Branden Pronk, Sr. Production Engineer, SM | Energy


Software designed to make your life easier

It’s what we do with your data that provides the real value.

80% of oil wells use artificial lift, but are you getting optimal production from your wells? Can your team diagnose when your lift systems are losing you valuable production?

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See fewer failures and benefit from a genuine increase in the runlife of the systems installed in your wells. Get in touch to find out how we can assist your business.

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Don’t get caught in the eternal pursuit of cutting costs to improve your profitability. There may be a better way to manage your lift, get more oil and reduce your total cost of operation.

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Our training is fun, interactive and tailored to meet your needs and to address your specific problems. Discover more about our bespoke training.

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Would you like to have the software tools firmly back in charge of managing your artificial lift systems?

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Do you want to work with experts who are independent, with no product line to sell you, so you are getting genuine professional advice that will solve your problems?

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“I manage 126 ESP wells. I’m delighted because I did not have to look at 103 wells today—because your management by exception processes are so good.”

– Senior Production Engineer, West Texas, USA

Can you afford not to implement our software to help you manage your artificial lift systems?

We’re independent, impartial and have no ties to any equipment manufacturer or supplier. We identify and deal with the root cause of any problem instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all solution.

A few examples of our projects:


How much production could you gain?

The technology exists to identify gas-lift and ESP produced wells that are losing production as a result of an undiagnosed artificial lift problem. The ability to diagnose and rectify such issues can alleviate lost production.

How much could you be saving?