ALP Praxis

Where gameplay helps boost company profits

Praxis is our new fun way to learn how to manage artificial lift effectively. Guided through a month-by-month simulation, you get to make decisions like you would in the field to optimize production, except you’re competing against your peers. Highest operating margin wins.

The Praxis® experience

Praxis Oil, a fictional company, mirrors the challenges faced by real oil companies. Join a team and take on the mission to reduce costs, boost production, and elminate future problems. Make decisions based on real data, just like you would in real life to maximize the value of your assets.

Each round of the game represents a month in the life of Praxis Oil, showcasing how your decisions impact the company’s performance. Experience the thrill of solving challenges and navigating complex choices to achieve major gains.

Praxis holds the key to unlocking profitability in the oil industry. By measuring, analyzing, and acting, you gain the tools to overcome challenges and drive business improvement. Embrace the wisdom of Karl Pearson: “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

Transform your approach

Praxis allows you to gain a unique perspective on your business challenges. Make mistakes without real financial consequences, learn from your successes and failures, and celebrate simulated achievements that translate into real-world knowledge.

“Praxis helps people understand and practice one of the most important rules of oil field operations. Our job is to make money, not just extract oil! Praxis demonstrates how to make decisions that maximize cash flow while making the learning experience enjoyable and fostering teamwork.”

Artificial Lift Excellence Lead – Permian Client

Join the Praxis journey

Praxis has the power to reshape mindsets and revolutionize your approach to industry challenges. It encourages curiosity, stimulates long-term thinking, and turns the process of making money for your company into an enjoyable adventure.