Technical Paper:
Moving beyond nodal analysis for ESP optimization in the Curito Field

2015 09 SPE-GCS ESP Moving Beyond Nodal Analysis for ESP Optimization in the Curito Field

Paper presented at the 28th Electrical Submersible Pump Workshop, SPE Gulf Coast Section, held in Woodlands, Houston-Texas, USA, April 22-24, 2015

True production optimization for oil well production (2020)

True Production Optimization ALP 2020

“True Production Optimization” optimizes well performance automatically, enabling accelerated speed and accuracy of decisions, reduce risk and release millions of dollars of untapped potential.

Demo Presentation:
What are the industry best practices around missing production?

Data Sheet:
Pump CheckerTM – ESP module

Data Sheet Pump Checker ESP

Data Sheet:
Pump CheckerTM – gas lift module

Pump checker - gas lift module

2019 Report:
Artificial Lift, Machine Learning and Analytics — What are the problems with the latest technology?

Artificial Lift Maching Learning and Analytics ESP Optimization

How can more oil wells be managed effectively, with fewer experienced engineers?

Solutions to Common ESP Runlife Problems

To improve ESP runlife we need to understand the cause of all failures and identify a corrective action to prevent the recurrence of the failure.

Technical Paper:
Artificial Lift Optimization in the Orito Field

Paper presented at the 2008 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in Denver, Colorado, USA, 21–24 September 2008.

Demo Presentation:
Real-Time Data and Analytics with Pump Checker Software